Tumblr Monday 61

Anke Merzbach (Germany) - 2007

Anke usually doesn’t give names to her artworks. She thinks that without a name, the interpretation of the artwork is limited only by the imagination of the spectator.

When you plunge into Anke’s world you find yourself in a mysterious and magical labyrinth of fantasies in which you want to disappear and never to return… In the world of art, Anke is known as a “Bildmacherin”, which means “Image maker” in German. She creates a mysterious theater of strange and surreal characters. In this theater everything is staged, but the emotions are real. Her world is full of contradictions and opposite poles. It’s a world where the real and surreal meet. There coexist side by side the casual and the unusual, the lyrical and the tragic, the familiar and the strange. It is melancholic, grotesque, absurdly distorted and yet so poetically beautiful. (cf. BSW). Great thanks to actegratuit for this Tumblr Monday for having introduced us Anke’s work!

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